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Uncle Ben

CNT Nation Pump it Up Pump the breaks with Datin's So alive.

Datin's Facebook live video to Lecrae

Lecrae going seculer?

Uncle Ben Carson

CNT Nation 2016 Year End Review

As 2016 comes to a close and 2017 begins, CNT Nation takes a look back at CHH and picks their Album, Artist, and song of the Year while aslo rememering those we lost in 2016.

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!


Black Lives Matter Two

CNT Nation discuss the Reaction of Sport figures and celebrities to Kaepernick's protest.  Segment two CNT discusses the reaction of Christians/CHH fans to CHH artist speaking up on the debate, social issues etc.  CNT also tackles systematic racism and oppression to close out this hot topic podcast show

Who is Willie Lynch? CNT interviews Mainframe

CNT interviews Christian Rapper and minister Mainframe and discuss his album W.L.L (Willie Lynch Legacy),
Buy or Sale: Ray Lewis, Facebook Praisers, Rappers that are Christians
Pump it up/Pump the Breaks: Steven the Levite ft Sho Baraka Date Night

And much More.

This is the abbreviated interview; FULL interview coming soon to our YouTube channel.

CNT Nation: Scandal

Shhh..... it's secret. Join us as we talk about the religious freedom bill, Israel Houghton/Adrienne Bailon controversy, Kyrie Irving and Kehlani and her attempted suicide. Columbus Short and Karrine Steffans scandalous Marriage but remember Shhh... it's secret. 

CNT Nation: Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive?  Racism, Chivalry?  Join us as we discuss the Oscars and the choice of cast in Gods of Egypt along with Meagan Good's husband Devon defending her to a fan questioning her wardrobe and much more.

The second hour:

Kirk Franklin and Kanye West relationship
Lecrae's Church Clothes 3
Andy Mineo's Desperado and his controversial tweets
Dee 1's Sallie Mae Success


Verse to Verse

Justword verse on the song 'Pressure"  off of Alex Faith album Bloodlines


Andy Mineo 1st verse from Desperados off Uncomfortable Album


Pump it Up/Pump the brakes

          Jor'dan Armstrong - Bless UP from his new EP titled Confident

CNT Nation Bonus Podcast 2 NBA All Star

Join Chill B, Tech, T.O. and Barz for another Bonus podcast!  We talk about the phenomenal NBA All Star Weekend, the Kirk Franklin/Kaney West controversy, Andy Mindeo's tweet asking about cussing, and Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar's controversial performances.

Bonus Podcast Super Bowl Edition

Join Chill B, Tech, T.O, and J Cizzle as we make our Super Bowl predictions and talk about the Cam Newton controversy and how he and Peyton Manning compare.

CNT Nation: Christians in the Crossfire

Gossipers?  White Man's Religion? Baptist Pimps?  Join CNT Nation as we discuss how today Christians are in the Crossfire from the Pro Black Attack to the Unbeliever Attack, and the Attack from within.

And in the second our we discuss Datin's song  The Voice off the mix-tape Turn it Off vol. 1 and Thisl's Yesterday ft Scarface off the mix-tape Heavy is the Head. 
We Pump it up/Pump the Brakes on Reconcile's Catch a Boddy off the EP Catchin Body's
And this week in verse to verse we do things a little different and put everyone's verse in Marty's song The One With my Friends  off the EP Marty for President  against each other. Who will win between Marty, John Givez, NF, WordPlay, and Fernie?  Check out the show to find out!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

CNT Nation: Can I be Honest?

CNT Nation back again with another nearly 2 hour podcast!  Join us as we Discuss How Social Media can Ruin Relationships, Real Talk about Depression and Suicide and travel back in time as we discuss the beginnings of our Fantasy Football League, the NFL and College Football!  Who was right?  Who took the Fantasy Home? 

The join us in the second hour where we discuss Andy Mineo's Uncomfortable album and our top 3 Andy songs of all time.

We Pump it Up/Pump the Breaks with Stephen the Levite's Frienemies ft. J Givens  Tragic Hero from the Can I Be Honest Album

Verse to Verse we have Sho Baraka's 1st verse from Chapter 2: Michael off of his Talented 10th Album vs. Swoope's verse from Wake up Music off of Dre Murray & Alex Faith's album Southern Lights.

We also discuss the missing Female voice in Hip Hop and will the Black Church every accept hip hop in the church?